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Our Mission is Equal Opportunity Enjoyment

Here at Minus the Moo, we believe that no one should miss out on the pure joy of eating and sharing delicious premium, dairy ice cream with friends and loved ones! We coined the phrase equal opportunity enjoyment to describe our mission: to create lactose-free ice creams that match (and exceed!) the taste and texture of traditional premium ice creams so that - lactose intolerant or not – everyone can enjoy and no one has to compromise!

Wait, how can it be lactose-free AND made with real dairy?

Great question! It may sound like a contradiction, but we simply use the enzyme to break down the lactose. This way we can use all the traditional ingredients you love in ice cream like milk, sugar, eggs, and of course cream. It is called ICE CREAM after all.

Find Us

Ice Cream cravings wait for no one and Minus the Moo is popping up all over New England! Check out the store list below to find a retailer near you.