General          Lactose Intolerance 

Q: What is it made from? / What is the base?

A: We use all of the same ingredients as traditional ice cream – milk, cream, eggs, sugar – plus the lactase enzyme to make it lactose-free. Minus the Moo tastes like real ice cream, because it is real ice cream! 


Q: How can it be lactose-free and real dairy?

A: We add in the lactase enzyme, which your body produces naturally to break down the lactose sugar found in dairy.  We do the process ourselves so that we can use rBST hormone free milk sourced from 100% farmer-owned co-ops in the Northeast region.


Q: What is lactose, and how is it broken down by lactase enzyme?

A: Lactose, the sugar found in milk, is a disaccharide (two molecules held together by a bond). Because our bodies can only absorb monosaccharides (single molecules), they need the lactase enzyme to cut the bond and turn lactose into digestible single sugars (glucose and galactose).  Learn more about the science of lactose intolerance here.


Q: I'm lactose intolerant but I prefer the taste of normal ice cream.

A: Minus the Moo ice cream uses the same ingredients as traditional ice cream, so we believe it taste the same (if not better). There's no need to suffer if you don't have to.


Q: What are dairy alternatives, and why should I choose Minus the Moo over non-dairy frozen desserts?

A: Common dairy alternatives include sorbet, coconut, soy, almond, rice, and hemp. Dairy-free options are great if you are vegan or have a dairy allergy, however, there are surprisingly very few options on the market for the lactose intolerant ice cream lover who craves the rich, creamy taste and texture of real, premium ice cream.


Q: How do I know if I am lactose intolerant?

A: While you can be tested for lactose intolerance by a medical professional, the simplest way to discern for yourself if you are lactose intolerant is to go without dairy for a few days and then note if you experience any gastrointestinal distress when you reintroduce it back into your diet. Click here to get to know your lactose.


Q: Are there any benefits to eating Minus the Moo if I am not lactose intolerant?

A: Not asking your body to expend extra energy on digesting this sugar can lead to a happier gut!  In our unbiased opinion, why waste your energy when you can eat our ice cream that tastes amazing and won’t require anything extra!  Energy is precious, people!  


Q: If I'm vegan can I eat your ice cream?

A: No. We use milk and eggs in our ice cream.


Q: Is your product gluten free, nut free, or soy free?

A: Our products are naturally gluten, nut, and soy free, However we are produced in a shared facility that handles gluten, nuts, and soy.


Q: Where are you based?

A: Our company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. 


Q: How long has Minus the Moo been around?

A: We first launched Minus the Moo at the SOWA farmers market in Boston’s South End in 2015. Following overwhelmingly positive reception from consumers, we launched our ice cream onto supermarket shelves in the spring/summer of 2016.


Q: Where is Minus the Moo sold?

A: Minus the Moo is currently available in Whole Foods, Roche Bros, and other specialty retailers throughout Northeast, from Maine to New York- and online! For a complete list of locations, click here.


Q: Can I order Minus the Moo online

A: Consumers can order pints straight to their door from Amazon Fresh or minusthemoo.com! We currently ship to about half-way across the country and hope to reach the entire continental United States by the end of the year.


Q: Is your ice cream low calories or low sugar?

A: While we do not classify our ice cream as low calorie or low sugar, we pride ourselves on delicious ice cream using clean, premium ingredients. See "Your Ice Cream" for more nutrition facts.