We understand, because we've been there...

Katy and Gwen from Minus the Moo Lactose Free Ice Cream

Minus the Moo was founded by us – Katy, who is lactose intolerant, and Gwen, a sympathetic sweet tooth – because we both LOVE ice cream! Both of us grew up in families where ice cream was always part of the after-dinner routine and with childhood memories where an ice cream cone on a hot summer day was a given. But as Katy got older, dairy started making her sick. Finally, she had to face the facts that she was lactose intolerant, which meant that the treat she had loved so much had stopped loving her back.

Desperate to fill the ice cream void in her life, she tried everything – sorbet, coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk, or any other non-dairy alternative out there – but was always left feeling unsatisfied. Not only did they not taste like the creamy, premium ice cream that she grew up with, but no family or friends wanted to share it with her. Why would they eat an alternative, when they could eat real ice cream? This problem continued in college, where we first met, at Villanova University. Katy would always be left out of ice cream study breaks with our roommates and, while this may seem insignificant, it was a driving force that led to the creation of Minus the Moo!

After graduating college in 2012, Katy began working as a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit nurse and would use her days off to experiment with making her own lactose-free ice cream from real dairy, instead of alternatives. Katy attended the famous Penn State Ice Cream Short Course and used her background in health sciences to develop Minus the Moo’s delicious lactose-free recipes using the lactase enzyme. Finally, Katy had an ice cream that friends and family were willing to enjoy with her. No one had to compromise!

Katy dreamed of bringing her creations to all lactose intolerant ice cream lovers and Gwen, unable to imagine a life without ice cream, supported this cause. So we set out on our mission, to bring the joy back to ice cream! Happy scooping!